Upcycled Hutch

This kitchen hutch is the first of many furniture upcycles you will find on this blog. It is also the first piece of furniture we have redone in our new apartment. After searching Craigslist for several weeks, I finally found the perfect hutch at the perfect price. Most kitchen hutches of this size sell for anywhere between $700 - $2000, but I was able to get this one for $100. I basically rushed Jd out of the house to go pick it up and we barely made it back home in time to go to work, but it was well worth the hassle. After a little bit of paint and new hardware, it turned out pretty nice.


Above, you can see what the hutch looked before like when we purchased it. The hutch definitely naturally gorgeous, but it is not really my style and I already had a vision of what I wanted, which was something like what you see in the photo next to it. 


My mom does a lot of furniture upcycling with her business, Dixie Decor, and she uses Annie Sloan Chalk Paint so I opted to try it for this project. The downside to this paint is that is it very pricey for the amount you get, but it is easy to use and you do not have to do any prep work before hand other than cleaning the furniture. The brush you see in the photo is an Annie Sloan paint brush and it is also pricey, but I was told it worked best with the chalk paint. Honestly, you can probably use any brush and save some money. Overall, I thought the paint was good for this project. It covers easily and hardly requires more than one coat. Annie Sloan also has good color choices.

first coat.jpg

Here you can see what the bottom of the hutch looked like during/after the first coat of chalk paint. I applied a thin layer of paint for this coat, which is why you can still see the wood through the it, but generally the paint will cover more. 

top coat.jpg
hutch bottom.jpg
jd knob 2.jpg

Yay, knew black hardware and recycled old hardware going on! Much more modern.


Voila! The old hutch has a fresh face! Now we just have to find things to fill the shelves with. Eventually we will get rid of the glass shelves and Jd will make wooden ones to match, but for now this will do. Let's have a look at a side-by-side comparison below to see how it turned out.


Leave a comment below and tell us what you think! Happy Monday!


Ellie + Herbie in the top part of the hutch when we first brought it home ^^^^


Find beautiful kitchen accessories to fill your hutch with below: