Gold Accents

DIY Gold Book Ends:

As you saw in an earlier post, we just added a hutch to our kitchen. My plan was to put all of our cooking books on the shelves, but I needed book ends to keep them from falling over. I wanted something unique and while I was walking to Rostov's Coffee I saw these two huge rocks and the light bulb went off: spray paint them! I already had metallic gold spray paint, which was perfect because who doesn't love gold accents, especially with blue? I took the rocks home and cleaned them off before spray painting. It only took 1-2 coats and they dried relatively fast. 

Once they were completely dry, Jd added chair leg pads to the bottom of each rock to prevent them from scratching the furniture.

DIY Gold Berry Baskets

I bought these berry baskets from Target over a year ago. They were super cheap and, at the time, I thought they were cute. I stopped using the baskets shortly after I bought them and I almost threw them away when we moved into our new apartment, but something told me to hold onto them.

A little gold spray paint turned them into super cute baskets for office supplies! I forgot to take a picture of what they looked before I spray paint them, but I was able to find this image on Google:


They weren't that bad, but the blue color was killing me after a while. Now I actually use them because look so much better.


Hope you enjoyed!