DIY Desk Chair


Last weekend's DIY project was a new desk chair for moi. I had been using one of the lounge chairs from our living room and I finally got frustrated moving it back and forth between rooms. Saturday morning I woke up on a mission to get myself an actual desk chair. After visiting several stores we finally arrived at Diversity Thrift, where I found this gem for a steal at just $10! Luckily, I had a vision and was able to see past the nasty, stained red cushion and turned this beast into a beauty. Read below for steps and details following the transformation.

First, we removed the cushion from the seat with a drill and I began sanding the wood down. For this project I just lightly sanded the chair because it was relatively good condition and I only needed to sand enough for the paint to stick.


If you're lucky, you live close to a Lowes that has a really awesome discount paint section like the one by my house. Immediately after I purchased the chair, Jd and I went to Lowes and scored this beautiful taupe color for $3 from the discount aisle. Not bad considering it was originally priced at $18 and I still have the entire can left for future projects.


Above, on the left, is the original fabric from the chair. It was buried underneath the red fabric from whoever covered the chair last. Yikes! On the right is the new fabric I selected. It's bold, bright and gives the chair a fresh look. I purchased a yard from a local fabric store, U-Fab, and had Jd cut out a section of it to fit the chair base that we removed earlier.


Above, you can see Jd fitting the fabric to the foam and chair base. You will need a staple gun to secure the fabric to the wood (as seen on the right). Trim any excess fabric. 

Finally, drill the seat base back onto the chair form. Now you have an upgraded desk chair! The total cost of this chair comes out to $15 and I still have fabric and plenty of paint leftover for furniture projects. Let us know what you think in the comments below and follow us on social media at the bottom of this page!


Find beautiful fabric selections below: