Monogrammed Fall Fleece


Marley Lilly Monogrammed Fleece Jacket

The best part about fall is layering your favorite cozy pieces. First, fall would be nothing without flannels, especially red flannels like the one I have on. Secondly, as I said before, layers are everything so I paired my favorite red flannel with my new navy monogrammed fleece jacket from Marley Lilly!

This navy fleece is to die for! It's so unbelievably comfortable and stylish. It's perfect for the chilly weather we have been having here in Richmond lately. The fleece is so soft that I even find myself wearing it around the house and snuggling up in it. Plus, is there anything better than a monogrammed article of clothing? Nope. If you haven't already, check out Marley Lilly and get your monogrammed fleece here!