Upcycled TV Stand

This weekend's project was a TV stand, which we have been missing since we moved in almost two months ago. We found this one on Craigslist and brought it all the way home from Williamsburg. The wood was ugly and the glass panes on the sliding doors were broken and outdated, but I had a vision for this beauty. With a bit of sanding and painting, it now looks modern and fits in perfect with our living room decor. Read below to find out how we completed our latest upcycle project.

Above is the TV stand when we finally got it home. It's drab and ugly - nothing special about it.

First, we took out the broken glass panes so we could start sanding. Ellie was excited she had a new piece of furniture to play it.

We purchased this decorative metal grate at Lowes to replace the glass and give the stand some flare. Jd traced the glass to get the right size and then cut two pieces out.


Here you can see we began sanding on the top. Jd fit the decorative grates in each sliding door to make sure they worked, and so we could visualize what it might look like when we finished. You can see Herbie on the left giving him a hand.

It already looks MUCH better after being sanded down. I hated the stain that was on it before.

Next, we primed the TV stand so that our paint would cover better. We only used one coat of primer, but I would suggest doing two if you are working on a similar project.

Once we finished putting several coats of paint on the TV stand, Jd put a top coat of glaze on it to ensure that the paint wouldn't chip. If you're going to put a clear top coat on, you will need some extra fine sand paper as well, if you want it to really protect your furniture. Jd alternated between painting on a top coat and sanding the stand.

While the TV stand was drying, Jd spray painted the hardware and metal grates white to match. The white compliments the yellow and makes everything pop!


Finally, we have a fabulous, chic TV stand to go in our living room. I am so pleased with the way it turned out! Let us know what you think in the comments below!