Last night. World's worst photography, but the only appropriate picture for this post.

Last night. World's worst photography, but the only appropriate picture for this post.

Today I start something new. Something I have wanted to do for several years. Something I have talked about and thought about, but never fully committed to until now. A blog.

HA! Well that sounds pretty easy and silly all at once, right? I have been wanting to start my own blog, but never "committed" to it? I sound like a fool because a blog is so simple and easy to do right? Like, what is wrong with me for dreaming about writing my own blog and never doing it when all I have to do is sit at a computer? Whatever. Today I am doing it. And it is inspired by my cat.

Amongst several other things, yes this blog was originally inspired by my cat Herbie. At the time, he was my only cat, but then I decided to get him a cat to play with too. Now we have Herbie and Ellie. They will often be featured on this blog because they are odd, wild, and awesome. Right now those little brats are asleep after waking me up at the crack of dawn with their shenanigans, but somehow I still manage to love them to death.

Last night I fully committed to this blog. Last night (September 7) marked 3 years of dating Jd. Seems like a good day to commit to something, right? We thought so too. I met up with Jd at a bar to grab a glass of wine. First we argued, then I got salty and moody, and finally we moved on and started talking about life. The idea about starting a blog and traveling and taking photos came up because my friend Krysten inspired me with a story she shared a few weeks earlier. I have told Jd several times throughout the past 3 years that I want to start a blog about our cooking and the things we make, but for some reason that's all it ever was, an idea. Until now. Several drinks later and the lighting bulbs were going off left and right. Obviously I won't share all of our ideas on here right away. You will have to actually follow this blog if you want to hear and see about everything we discussed.

The night began to end when we left Postbellum and headed home to pass out. We parked the car but quickly realized we weren't quite ready to call it a night. It just so happens that Barcode, a gay bar and restaurant, is a block away from our apartment and it was karaoke night. A lady was playing the saxophone out front and we complimented her because it sounded lovely. She noticed my VCU sweatshirt and asked if I went there. I said yes and she instantly asked me to watch her money while she ran across the street to her car. She comes back with her laptop and begins asking Jd and I if we can help her with something. We proceed to fix minor desktop issues on her PC before even entering the bar. Once inside, somebody is singing The Circle of Life and obviously I feel inclined to join in even though I literally only know the chorus, and not even that, I literally only know one line of the chorus. Eventually we leave, but not without dancing to the music that the lady with the saxophone is playing for us. Finally we get into our cozy apartment to finish off the night and our leftover chipotle before going to bed. And now, here I am writing this.

Not even proof reading. Enjoy.