Toasted Marshmallows Brooklyn Style

One thing I miss about Virginia is the bonfires. Normally during this time of year, Jd and I would spend almost every weekend at a friend's house warming up beside a bonfire. In New York, we don't even have a backyard and neither do our friends. I'm not even sure if bonfires are thing up here, but I never thought I would miss the smell and warmth of one so much. Despite the lack of a yard, we decided to have our own inside our apartment with a special treat from 240 Sweet! 240 Sweet makes artisan marshmallows that are so delicious you'll want to savor them forever. We orderd three different flavors: creme brulee, birthday cake and smores (obviously). We tried creme brulee first and they were so good (even better toasted on the stove) that we ate them all before I could write a post to rant and rave about them. All of the flavors were SO good on their own, but you wouldn't believe how amplified the taste was once we toasted them over our stove - to die for! Scroll through and see how scrumptious they are for yourself!