The NYC Cleanse


Feeling like a giant blob after the holidays is pretty typical for me. It's the reason I've pushed myself so hard to stick to my resolutions in 2016 and try a juice cleanse from Juice Press. I've been a fan of juice cleanses for several years now and even own a juicer, but I'm never able to stick to a cleanse. I'll juice in the morning and then be over it by lunch time because of inconvenience or time. Juicing is expensive, but most importantly it's time consuming, especially when your super hungry. Juice Press solved this problem and helped me to stick to a cleanse for 24 hours. Read below to learn more!


Jd and I kicked off our morning at Juice Press in Brooklyn Heights and picked up the NYC Cleanse - they even threw in a raspberry smoothie and volcano for Jd. We planned to be out most of day, which was part of the test to see if I could really handle it. I started with Lucky Seven in Brooklyn Heights followed by Doctor Earth on the train to Union Square. After doing a bit of shopping we hopped back on a train to Soho to explore for a while before ending up in TriBeCa. We swung by Taylor Swift's apartment where I enjoyed Glo (and I continued to enjoy it as we made our way to the "Law & Order building"). As we neared the Brooklyn Bridge, I popped open Love At First Sight. Once we arrived back it Brooklyn we hopped the train back to Park Slope where it was time for me to Fountain of Youth (my favorite juice of the day)! I ended the day with Gravity and felt like a new person.

Here is a rundown of my favorite juices in order:

  1. Fountain of Youth
  2. Glo
  3. Lucky Seven
  4. Gravity
  5. Doctor Earth
  6. Love at First Sight

Don't get me a wrong, a juice cleanse takes a lot of self-control (it's hard to pass up Taco Bell), but how my body felt the next morning made me want to do the cleanse all over again. I felt refreshed, cleansed and free of toxins. Moving forward, I'm planning to do this cleanse weekly or bi-weekly because I just cannot explain how good I felt inside and out after completing it. Visit Juice Press or check our their website here for more information and to kick off your own juice cleanse!