Truvia Nectar: Use It Where You Use Honey


As the weather gets cooler in New York, I find myself drinking tea more frequently than normal, but lately I've had a sweet tooth! Lucky for me there's Truvia® Nectar, a natural stevia-honey blend sweetener that all the sweetness of honey with half the calories! It's hard enough for me to get the gym when it's cold outside, so Truvia® Nectar helps me cut calories where I can - I just add a few teaspoons to my tea each morning!

Truvia® Nectar is the newest addition to the Truvia® line of great-tasting sweeteners made with stevia leaf extract, the sweetest part of the stevia leaf. It's ideal for use in foods and beverages where honey sweetness is desired with fewer calories. It can be used anywhere honey is used, including hot and cold beverages, oatmeal, yogurt, fruit, baked goods, sauces and dressings and more!  You can find it at retailers like Target, Hy-Vee and more. Learn more about Truvia® Nectar and get a free sample here!