Wine More With Kuvee

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After a great (but exhausting) weekend of hiking in Beacon, Jd and I are doing absolutely nothing tonight! It feels so good to come home and wind down with Netflix and a glass of wine. We're having our own pizza party date night with my famous homemade pizza, wine in our new Kuvee bottle and reruns of Arrested Development.

Saturday after hiking, I was absolutely exhausted, but on Sunday we had to get up early and start preparing for Thanksgiving since we'll be hosting our family and friends on Thursday. We spent all day Sunday grocery shopping, doing laundry and running errands that we hardly had time to recover from hiking. Tonight we definitely deserve to chill and enjoy ourselves - plus we don't even have to fight over which wine to open with Kuvee!


Since it's just the two of us, we usually have to battle over who gets to select the wine, but tonight we both get to pop open our own bottles with KuveeKuvee keeps wine fresh for up to 10 times longer than the average bottle and makes it so much easier to enjoy wine among friends and family with different tastes because you can insert various bottles into Kuvee's system. Jd and I are able to have more spontaneous wine nights now because we don't have to commit to the whole bottle and worry about waste!

I can't wait to show it off later this week during Thanksgiving when our family and friends are over - Kuvee is a great conversation starter with its library of wines and descriptions. Jd and I seriously spent like 20 minutes to just exploring Kuvee and playing with it before we even dove into the pizza and wine. Plus, when you've finished a bottle, Kuvee will recommend new wines you should try based on your preferences - pretty similar to Netflix. It's basically the perfect gift for your wine loving friend who already has a monogram cork, fancy wine glasses and every other wine accessory under the sun.


Pop over to Kuvee's website to learn more about how the bottle works! I'm thrilled we get to try it this year at the first Thanksgiving we've ever hosted - and our first Thanksgiving in New York!  I hope everyone has a great week with their friends and family!