We've Launched Our Shop 6th & 6th

So far 2017 has been a dream come true for Jd and myself. We rang in the new year with our best friends, launched our first app (details to follow), got ENGAGED, and now we're opening our own store! This is something we've talked about for years and Jd has been so supportive of me taking this dream of ours to the next level and launching an online boutique, 6th & 6th! 

I'm pretty nervous because this completely new to both of us, but hopefully with the support of our friends and family we can make our dream come true! I've embedded a few items from our 2017 Spring Collection so everyone can have a glimpse of our gorgeous clothes and shop if you like what you see!

Sign up for our newsletter at 6th & 6th and received 10% OFF YOUR FIRST ORDER. I want to thank everyone who has already supported us and I want to thank all my followers and fans on Peaches+Salt! Check us out on Facebook and Instagram and help us spread the word!